Smart System

Skyline’s Maintenance and Reporting Technology (SMART) system is a state of the art custom reporting system which uses wireless technology along with our existing processes to ensure the highest quality maintenance possible. Our SMART system along with our GPS equipped vehicles enable us to stay in constant contact with our technicians exchanging real time data guaranteeing the highest level of service.

All our technicians are equipped with a powerful handheld computer with many unique and important functions. The computer provides two-way communications through text and voice allowing for quick and immediate dispatch of service calls. Accessing our data center enables our technicians to review the history of your elevator to aid in troubleshooting difficult intermittent calls and once a call is diagnosed and corrected the information is stored for future reference.

Skyline’s SMART System allows scheduled maintenance visits and service calls to be sent by our office staff to the technician’s handheld computer ensuring prompt accurate service. Owners and Managers can track service records and their elevator activity from a secure website. Having all activities including maintenance, service, special repairs and TSSA directives sent from the technician’s computer directly into our system means you have access to your elevator’s service records and account information. Whether you manage multiple buildings or just one the information is at your fingertips!

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